Writer Guidelines

Scope of Articles for the Newsletter:
Prehistory to Ancient. Right now 40,000 BCE up to 1400 CE. 

Format of Articles:
We prefer articles with a of minimum 2 and a maximum of 5 pages in length, typed and double spaced. If you can send a complete article with illustrations electronically, that is fine. For electronic transfers we prefer the Microsoft Word format. We can receive articles by email or fax.  Emails sent in Word are preferred.

A minimum of 3 stamp illustrations per page of text is acceptable, with an ideal of 6. This is, after all, a philatelic journal. 

I can accept color photocopies to scan but prefer originals to scan into the article. Original stamps and/or philatelic materials will be returned after scanning. Photocopies will be filed with the original article unless return is requested by the submitter. We look forward to your submissions.

Publication Deadlines:
January/March issue first half of January deadline December 10-15th
April/June issue first half of April deadline March 10-15th
July/September issue first half of July deadline June 10-15th
October/December issue first half of October deadline September 10-15th

Caroline Scannell, Editor
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Smithtown, N.Y. 11787-1761
Fax: 631-366-1057
Email: Editor

Articles for the Web Site:
Articles can cover any archaeological subject up to approximately 1200 A.D., be of any length over two paragraphs and are accepted at any time.

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