Books in the Public Domain can be downloaded for free.

Public Domain

An Old Babylonian Version of the Gilgamesh, by Anonymous, Project Gutenberg

Bullfinch’s Mythology, by Thomas Bullfinch, Project Gutenberg

Cerberus, the Dog of Hades, by Maurice Bloomfield, Project Gutenberg

Manual of Egyptian Archaeology and Guide to the Study of Antiquities in Egypt, by Gaston C.C. Maspero , Project Gutenberg

Several books and atlases having archaeological subjects may be available at local libraries.

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Subject Source Books and Articles

  • Aborigine Myth & Legend, 1930, William Smith, Senate (RH), London
  • Animal Spirits, 1995, Nicholas Saunders, Time Life Books, Virginia
  • Ascent to Civilization, 1984, John Gowlett, Knopf Publications, N.Y.
  • The Creative Explosion, 1982, John Pfeiffer, Harper & Row, N.Y.
  • Dawn of Man, 2000, Robin McKie, Dorling Kindersley, London
  • Exploring the Ice Age, 2001, Margaret Cooper, Atheneum Books, N.Y.
  • Goddess Symbols, 1998, Clare Gibson, Barnes & Nobel Books, N.Y.
  • Illustrated History of Prehistoric Art, 1998, Paul Bahn, Cambridge Press, U.K.
  • Journey through the Ice Age, 1997, Paul Bahn, St. Martin’s Press, N.Y.
  • Neandertal Code, 2006, Dumiak, M., Archaeology, N.Y.
  • Painters of the Caves, 1998, Patricia Lauber, National Geographic, D.C.
  • Temples & Tombs of Ancient Nubia, 1987, T. Save-Soderbergh, UNESCO, N.Y.
  • Tombs, Graves and Mummies, 1996, Paul Bahn, Barnes & Nobel Books, N.Y.
  • Treasures of Egypt, 2003, National Geographic Collector’s Edition #5, D.C.
  • Uncovering the Past, 1993, Wm. Stiebing Jr., Oxford Univ. Press, N.Y.
  • Walking with Cavemen, 2003, John Lynch / Louis Barrett, DK Pub., N.Y.

Subject Source Atlases

  • Atlas of Archaeology, 1982, Various, St. Martin’s Press, N.Y.
  • Atlas of Early Man, 1976, Jacquetta Hawkes, St. Martin’s Press, N.Y.
  • Atlas of Mysterious Places, 1987, J. Westwood ed., Weidenfeld Nicolson, N.Y.
  • Atlas of the Prehistoric World, 1999, Douglas Palmer, Discovery Books, N.Y.
  • Atlas of World History, 1983, Various, Rand McNally, N.Y.

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